Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ava blanket

Ava is done! (The blanket, not the baby.)

I had a different pattern in mind when I started, but I'm very happy with the way it came out. I used 8 balls of Velvet Touch--6 of Carnival and two turquoise.

Here is the pattern:
On size 8 DPNs, cast on 8, knit, divide onto four needles.

R1: K1, yo, K1, rep on each needle.
R2: Knit around
R3: K1, kfb, K1, rep on each needle.
R4: Knit around.
R5: K1, yo, K2, yo, K1, rep on each needle.
R6: Knit around.
Continue pattern as follows: *k1, yo, knit to last stitch, yo, k1* on each needle. Next row: K around.

When you run out of room on your DPNs, switch to a circular needle. I placed a marker before knitting across each needle, so that the pattern becomes

R1: *Slip marker, k1, yo, knit to last stitch, yo, k1*, rep from * to * three more times.
R2: Knit around.

I used one ball of Carnival, and when I was almost out of yarn I finished a row and switched to the turquoise. I did five rows of turquoise. Then I switched back to the Carnival and worked the pattern until I had used up two balls. Then I did another five rows of turquoise. Then I went back to Carnival and used the last three balls.

For the i-cord, I did a five-stitch cord. I noticed that the blanket was kind of bunching up under the cord, so I started doing two rows of attached i-cord and one row of unattached i-cord. That way the cord was a little longer. At each corner I did two rows of unattached cord instead of one. I continued the cord all the way around, bound off the cord, sewed the cord seam together, wove in the ends, and boom, all done. It's about 32 inches x 32 inches.

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